50 Days Of Soundcloud #12


“Formula Modernia”


Feel free to check out some books:  today’s featured titles include Disappearance, only 99 cents, which if you enjoy the action bits in books and you like apocalypse fiction you’ll enjoy; What You See Is What You Get, which manages to combine the specter of ag-gag laws with criminal trials that look more like reality TV than anything else; and 9th Street Blues, about a kid delivering cobbled-together drugs in the near future ruins of Woodward, OK (and is also the jumping-off point for my new serial novel, coming soon from ATM Publishing).

Soon To Be Featured On Dirty Little Bookers!



A rather excellent artist I know gave me some advice the last time I saw him, and it was to the effect that art announcements should only be done a week or so in advance, so people don’t have time to forget them.  To that end, I’m proud to announce that the November spot on literature blog Dirty Little Booker’s “Calling All Indies” feature was won by yours truly, and I’ll be featured over there starting some time in the next week (as they work a month behind or so).  So, like voting in Chicago elections, visit early and visit often:  www.dirtylittlebookers.com

Rappers Wordier Than Shakespeare


The Largest Vocabulary in Hip hop.

NYC coder Matt Daniels recently teamed up with Red Bull Music Academy to do an interesting sort of data analysis on hip hop.  The benchmark of English literature for vocabulary usage is typically the Bard, although Daniels also points out through this study that Herman Melville also had quite the vocabulary.  What about hip hop though – specifically the rappers?  They make their name entirely on their words, so it seems only natural to compare them to the aforementioned benchmarks.

Mr. Daniels took the first 35,000 words in their lyrics and sorted them for unique word usages.  He then took the first 5000 words of Shakespeare’s 7 most popular plays (and the first 35,000 words of Moby Dick) and compared them.

The result?  Wu-Tang Clan is, in fact, nothin’ to fuck with.  There are 16 rappers identified that have bigger purported vocabularies than the Bard, and 5 of them are Clan – including the Clan itself.  There are, however, only three that have bigger vocabularies than Melville:  Kool Keith (no surprise considering he throws in words like “moosebumps” whenever he can), the GZA (the Genius!), and, by an extremely wide margin, Aesop Rock, whose lyrics often come across like post-modernist literature.

At the bottom?  DMX.  Although, as one astute commenter on /r/music pointed out, Mr. Daniels obviously didn’t count the sixteen different variations on barking that DMX pulls out.

Gone From The Charts But Not From Our Hearts


Gone From The Charts But Not From Our Hearts

…is how they usually introduce an early rock ‘n’ roll radio show but in this case the line is apt for literature.  Off The Shelf is a new site set up by publishing giant Simon & Schuster to allow business insiders (editors, agents, authors, etc.) the room to reminisce and review books that they’ve loved that are at the very least one year old (my first novel, for example, is a year old now – how time flies).

Let’s face it, even with a downturn in the industry there is a lot of books flowing through the stores on any given day.  The bestseller lists and the review pages in the papers are full of books that you would love to read, but maybe you don’t have the time when they’re out or you’re already committed to another book or series of books.  The ones you notice tend to slip away; you’ll remember them months or years later when you catch a reference to them, or maybe you’ll never think of them again.  Off The Shelf is for those books – books that the insiders feel didn’t get their fair share of attention when they were fresh and new.  It’s a neat idea and I commend S & S for setting it up.

Hello New Visitors!


Hello New Visitors!

I’m glad that so many people like the guide to GBV, there will be more discographies in the future.  I like writing them and people seem to enjoy reading them.  I already have two ready to go, so look for those in the coming days.


Also, since you’re here, consider buying a book.  People also tend to like it, I find.



A Paranoid New Novella for the Price of a Cup of Coffee




New novella for the price of a cup of coffee. If you’ve been keeping up to speed with things like the filming of factory farms in the U.S., the altered perceptions of reality in the digital age, or the rather paranoid theory that the Powers That Be can do away with you just by planting things on your computer, it’ll probably seem familiar.

Novellas are notoriously difficult to sell to traditional markets. They’re too long for the short story markets (who get leery of anything over 7,500 words) and too short for the traditional publishing houses (who prefer you start at about 60,000 words). They are, however, perfect for the Amazon market, which is primarily Kindle users who don’t have a great deal of time on their hands. So, while I’m shopping my second novel around, expect to see some more of these, since I have more than a few of them knocking about.

Get It Here:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IL0HODW

Kat Dixon Is Giving Away A Free Poetry Collection


Kat Dixon Is Giving Away A Free Poetry Collection

I have yet to read it, but I’m all about the sharing of poetry, especially if the author is doing a promo giveaway.  It’s hard to get poetry published these days and I’m glad to see people working the artform.  So – Black Racket Ocean – Kat Dixon. Remember – if you download the PDF and like it, support the author by buying the hard copy (the link is provided on the same page as the free download).


And while you’re at it, don’t forget to buy a copy of mine.