Another Goddamn Sales Pitch


Look, I have a book out in active sales right now. This is just a gentle reminder that if you haven’t purchased a copy of it yet then I do not know what the hell you’re even doing with your life. It’s out there, living it’s life, no cellphones, just words living in the moment. Why are you denying it the chance to take you a wild, dirty, frightening ride? Look at that cover. Just look at it. Slickest cover that’s ever graced one of my works, that’s for sure.

Don’t take my word for it, take Ray Litt’s. Her review for Dirty Little Bookers kicked off with the following:

“Zaple has a sweeping, smooth way of crafting descriptive narrative. He is an expert followthrough-er, leading you through paragraphs like a foul-mouthed gondolier. I was continually impressed, many times stopping for a satisfied exhalation before pressing on into the next dark, dark alleyway.”

Interested? Sure you are. Check it out here:




Consumer Guide, February 8th/2019


Cass McCombs – Tip Of The Sphere


(February 8th on Anti-Records and Epitaph Records)

Cass McCombs is great because his heady folk rock gets Americana and jammy but just before that gets three-Phish-sets-at-Bonnaroo obnoxious he veers off into another territory entirely. One day we’ll probably think of him as a Great Lost American Songwriter but you could just discover him now, too, it’s never too late.

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Consumer Guide: February 1st/2019


Hedvig Mollestad Trio – Smells Funny


(February 1st on Rune Grammofon Records)

The worst thing about fusion has always been how seriously it’s practitioners take it. It’s basically all the power of both jazz and rock ‘n’ roll put into a tuxedo and made to look for respectability among the moneyed classes of the world. The Hedvig Mollestad Trio, however, wants no such respectability. Their fusion is haunted by the ghost of Jimi Hendrix, and as such it’s explosive, heavy, and outfitted with guitar lines that whip and strangle as much as they slither and caress.

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Consumer Guide: January 25/2018


TOY – Happy In The Hollow


(January 25th Tough Love Records)

Low-tempo Krautrock with a seriously languid groove. If Faust was secretly a bunch of goddamn hippies they would sound like this.

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Consumer Guide: January 18/2019


Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – De Facto


(January 11th on Sonic Cathedral Records)

Psychedelic noise-rock that walks the thin line between being artistically and willfully difficult. Avoids becoming lost in a gauzy haze by virtue of an excellent rhythm section that knows instinctively how to ride a groove.

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Consumer Guide, January 11/2019



You Tell Me – You Tell Me

(January 11th, 2019 on Memphis Industries)

Field Music and Admiral Fallow, together at last, or something. Like chocolate and peanut butter for people who think Eighties post-Genesis pop was fuckin’ keen.

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The Favoured Hundred of 2018 #20-#01


#20: The Carters – Everything Is Love


Everything Is Love (Roc Nation Records)

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The Favoured Hundred of 2018: #40-#21


#40: JPEGMAFIA – Veteran


Veteran (EQT Recordings)

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The Favoured Hundred of 2018: #60-#41


#60: Slaves – Acts Of Fear And Love


Acts Of Fear And Love (Virgin EMI Records)

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The Favoured Hundred of 2018: #80-#61


#80: Tracyanne & Danny – Tracyanne & Danny


Tracyanne & Danny (Merge Records)

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The Favoured Hundred of 2018: #100-#81


#100: Hot Snakes – Jericho Sirens 


Jericho Sirens (Sub Pop Records)

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