With Endurance Like The Liberty Bell: A Guide To Guided By Voices

England’s Newest Hitmakers:  A Guide To The Rolling Stones


Tramps Like Us:  A Guide To Bruce Springsteen

When We Hit The Twin Cities:  A Guide To The Hold Steady

True Patriot Love:  A Guide To Joel Plaskett

Gluttony and Lust:  A Guide To Melvins

Bang The Head That Doesn’t Bang:  A Guide To Metallica

It Takes An Ocean Not To Break:  A Guide To The National


Radio Free Generation:  A Guide To R.E.M.


A Lad Insane:  A Guide To David Bowie, Part One (1967-1980)

Black Tie White Noise: A Guide To David Bowie, Part Two (1983-2013)


Your City To Burn: A Guide To The Smashing Pumpkins


Hand Of God Has Struck The Hour: A Guide To Black Sabbath (1970-1978)

Break The Circle And Stop The Movement: A Guide To Black Sabbath (1980-2016)


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