+Horror Library+ 7, Available Now!


The long-running and much-loved horror anthology +Horror Library+, published through Dark Moon Books, has released its latest iteration and your humble music nerd/fiction writer servant has a piece included in it! Check out the links below to get your own copy. If you’re into horror it’s a no-brainer.

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More Clearinghouse stuff, a short story about what happens if the father of the first child in decades freaks out about impending parenthood.  Remember that everything from October is Pay What You Want, which is nice for those readers who are wary of spending whole dollars on unknowns or who are simply unable to.  The countdown is on – five days from now the big release will happen but we still have some more stuff to go before then.  Stay tuned!

Get Theotokion here:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/486407

Hospital On A Hill


The Clearinghouse continues, with Hospital On A Hill

Get it at:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/484591

Hospital On A Hill test copy









Remember that everything released in the month of October is pay what you want, which means that if you are short on funds you can pay nothing if you want. What’s that Lassie? There’s no excuse not to download copies of everything I’m putting out? It’s true, pups, but when did you learn to speak perfect English?

More stuff on the way, including a big release on Halloween. Stay tuned!


9th Street Blues


The Clearinghouse begins:  9th Street Blues, a short piece about a boy, his bicycle, his father’s drugs, and the second Dust Bowl, is out now on Smashwords/everywhere.

9th Street Blues (2) test copy









Get it here:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/482608

Description:  Tommy spends his days riding his bicycle on the dust-drifted streets of Woodward, Oklahoma, delivering the chemical compositions of his adoptive father Sal to the few customers that remain. The fields pull up little but dust and poison, and the majority of the citizens have departed for greener pastures in resurgent post-war California. On his last day as bicycle courier/drug mule, Tommy makes his rounds – but with one vital difference. 9th Street Blues originally won the top prize in Chapterfy’s inaugural short story contest.


A Return, and a Free Gift


I’ve been away for a while trying to get some work finished and by and large this has worked.  I’ll have some longer short fiction for sale over the next few months but for right now I have a free short story available at my site, http://www.trevorjameszaple.com/books.html – it’s a ghost story set on the back roads of Huron County, it’s a short read, and did I mention it was free?  It’s available in every popular format as well.

Apologies to my Facebook people for the duplicate postings, but, you know.  As Sir Gabriel Lawton once said to me, “Dude, you should be spamming the shit out of that to us.  Put it in our faces all the time”.  So, I’m not really sorry.