Who Likes Free Things?


You do.  Sure you do.

Not to spam the point, but time is running out in the giveaway for a copy of Disappearance on Dirty Little Bookers.  It’s not going to cost you anything to sign up for the giveaway, so you may as well, amirite?  Your name goes into a draw and if you win, you get me to mail you a free, signed copy.  Maybe with a bonus thrown in.  Who’s to say?  So get crackin’!

Get in on the action here:  http://dirtylittlebookers.com/




Kat Dixon Is Giving Away A Free Poetry Collection


Kat Dixon Is Giving Away A Free Poetry Collection

I have yet to read it, but I’m all about the sharing of poetry, especially if the author is doing a promo giveaway.  It’s hard to get poetry published these days and I’m glad to see people working the artform.  So – Black Racket Ocean – Kat Dixon. Remember – if you download the PDF and like it, support the author by buying the hard copy (the link is provided on the same page as the free download).


And while you’re at it, don’t forget to buy a copy of mine.