50 Days Of Soundcloud #3


“That Great Backbone In The Sky”

Has anyone bought Soundcloud yet?  There’s 47 days of cash left.  Surely it can be monetized somehow, right?  Anyway, here’s another track I’ve uploaded for free with no financial obligation on my part toward Soundcloud.

This one is an instrumental, sort of electro-jazzish, named because the illustrious ludoligist Mark Pifher thought that a later lead synth in the piece sounded like I’d sampled the connection tone from a dial-up modem.  Don’t let that scare you off – it’s not quite as bone-chillingly irritating as the lead lines on liars’ “There’s Always Room On The Broom”.  It’s basically a melodic interplay of a number of synth voices with a chopped-up break holding the rhythm underneath.  It’s a pretty tight track, all in all, even if it’s not mastered to perfection.  DIY baby, punk rock forever.


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