50 Days Of Soundcloud #6


“Singing Plastic Songs”

44 days to go…if no one buys Soundcloud, people will wonder what the people of the mid-teens meant when they used the term “soundcloud rapper”.  “What does it mean that Lil Uzi Vert was a Soundcloud rapper, daddy?” they’ll ask.  “Not a goddamn thing, you ungrateful little bastards”, I’ll answer.

“Singing Plastic Songs” has this fun little drum n bass break over some sludge-synth work.  It also has more of that Apple Talk vocal work, which means I probably wrote it 2003-2004 or so.  It’s marked off as being on Goodbye To Welcomesville, which was the name I gave my non-political stuff, so that’s probably 2004.  It’s a little three-minute pop song, not much more.