New Music Roundup, October 1st-October 7th


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Soundgarden – “No Attention”


From their last classic album, 1996’s Down On The Upside, this is a deep cut that leaped out at me tonight.  I always put music on to do the dishes; I can usually make it through an album while I clean the kitchen so it makes a perfect time to pick something and stick with it.  I chose Soundgarden because I’d caught part of Superunknown the other day, and I have been getting the feeling lately that, in the end, the best of the big mainstream grunge bands really was Soundgarden, as long as you ignore Chris Cornell’s lyrics.  I really don’t think I’d ever paid attention to this particular track when I was into this.  I had this album on tape (it was, in fact, the first album I ever went out and consciously purchased) and by the time “No Attention” came along my attention had usually wandered.  Tonight, though, it jumped out and punched me.  It’s one of the punkier tracks the band ever recorded, but then two-thirds of the way through it changes dynamics and completely reinvents itself.   Well worth another spin.