New Music Roundup, January 28th-Feb 3rd, 2022


The Highlights:

Black Flower – Magma


Released on N.E.W.S.

Relentless, constantly flowing jazz that incorporates aspects of every direction on the map. The flute needs to get used more in modern jazz, we need to take it back from the prog nerds.

Lady Wray – Piece Of Me


Released on Big Crown Records

Sultry classic soul music with an emphasis on good songcraft over radio-ready hooks.

Katie Dey – forever music


Like if one of the contemporary women of indie rock – Phoebe Bridgers, say – were to take on more voices from hyperpop. The Great Amalgamation is nigh.

Imarhan – Aboogi


Released on City Slang Records

Music from the Lost Generation of the Tuareg; unlike a lot of Tuareg music, though, it’s not done by exiles in the U.S. but instead by a group of friends in Algeria. It’s an intoxicating, psychedelic take on their own folk music, and Gruff Rhys is also on it.

The Rest:

eels – Extreme Witchcraft ★★★☆ (E Works)

Pinegrove – 11:11 ★★★ (Rough Trade)

Cloakroom – Dissolution Wave ★★★ (Relapse Records)

Anaïs Mitchell – Anaïs Mitchell ★★★☆ (BMG)

Deathcrash – Return ★★★ (Untitled)

Bad Suns – Apocalypse Whenever ★★ (Epitaph Records)

St. Paul and the Broken Bones – The Alien Coast ★★☆ (ATO)

Madrugada – Chimes at Midnight ★★★ (Warner Norway)

Sad Eyed Beatniks – Claudia’s Ethereal Weaver ★★★ (Meritorio Records)

Neil Frances – There Is No Neil Frances ★★★☆ (Nettwerk Records)

Modern Nature – Island Of Noise ★★☆ (Bella Union)

Thyla – Thyla ★★★ (Easy Life)

Spaceface – Anemoia ★★★☆ (PIAPTK)

Ghostly Kisses – Heaven, Wait ★★★☆ (akairarecords)

Vegyn – Don’t Follow Me Because I’m Lost Too! ★★★ (PLZ Make It Ruins)

Villager – Frontier ★★☆ (MCMXCV)

Before Breakfast – i could be asleep if it weren’t for you ★★★☆ (Republic of Music)


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