OZZMIUM: The New Heavy, January 21st-January 28th


SOM – The Shape Of Everything


Released on Pelagic Records

Hum and ISIS style metalgaze, bit more melody and a bit frothier than either.

Breaths – Though Life Has Turned Out Nothing Like I Imagined It Is Far Better Than I Could Have Dreamt



Stylistically all over the map, and they don’t all work, but when they do – typically the more death/black oriented sounds – they hit hard.

Comeback Kid – Heavy Steps


Released on Nuclear Blast Records

These guys would have been B-list in 2006, right behind Alexisonfire, who had more charm and dexterity. Oh, my apologies, they actually were C-listers in 2006. Well, anyway, here’s another “but, actually…” entry for this tweet:

Battle Beast – Circus of Doom


Released on Nuclear Blast Records

Circus-themed power metal that aims for King Diamond operatics and misses. You know that line about how you should shoot for the moon because even if you miss you’ll end up among the stars? Ain’t always true. Still, it’s pretty good for power metal.

Lucida Dark – Of Death, Of Love



Bog standard post-metal – which shouldn’t even be a thing – that does the ascend-and-crunch thing but pretty much nothing else.

VRSTY – Welcome Home


Released on Spinefarm Records

The absolute worst impulses of modern mainstream metal brought to hideous life. When you get to Hell, this is on repeat.

Eisflammen – Follow Me


Released on Depths of Void Records

Remember 1349? These guys sure do.

Abyssus – Death Revival


Released on Transcending Obscurity Records

It honestly sounds like that era when all the NYC hipsters rediscovered metal, except Abyssus put a vintage washout on the mic to be more authentic or something. They’re Greek though, so…adjust that accordingly.


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