This Week In Disturbing Advertisements


Sortie en mer.

I encountered this last night (via Kotaku) and I think it may be the most disturbingly effective advertisement I’ve ever come across.  I also may have destroyed my mouse’s scroll wheel in a desperate attempt to keep myself alive.  Regardless, I’m going to make sure to wear a PFD whenever I go out on the water (not that I didn’t already, but still…) and while it probably won’t be Guy Cotten (moar like styrofoam and an old belt, amirite?) the company’s point is still incredibly well-made.  No matter how hard to work to prevent it, you’re going to drown.  It’s going to happen.  I only made it three minutes before my hand gave out and I sank into oblivion.  Apparently very disturbing things happen if you go longer – hallucinations and the like.


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