No, Seriously, It’s A Terrible Name


Band Responds in the Worst Way Possible After Stealing Photographer’s Work.

First of all, what kind of a name is “Red Jumpsuit Apparatus”?  Who thought that was a good name?  It doesn’t roll off the tongue with any sort of ease.  The acronym doesn’t have any real inspirational heft.  It’s a complete non-starter.  Regardless, after reading their childish exploits in putting down a working photographer I figured that I had to check out a song, rather than bash them without having ever heard them.  So I dialled up “Face Down” on YouTube and have regretted it since.  Is it 2005?  Is Fall Out Boy still the rage amongst The Kids?  It’s insipid.  It’s the worst kind of sugar-fuelled hook, a la FOB or Good Charlotte, written in maybe 15 minutes with an eye towards getting some shiny-time airplay on your local Modern Rock format terrestrial radio station.  I’m not even sure Alt Nation would touch this on the satellite end, and their tastes skew a bit towards the sketchy.

Either way, they’re a bunch of knobs.  They put Rohan Anderson through hell and only put out a smarmy half-apology once they saw the tide turning against them on Twitter.  Now they say that ALL forms of digital art should be free.  No, wait, MOST forms of digital art should be free!  Only the ones that don’t get them in any more trouble!  It’s all cool though, because they’re giving away their discography on July 4th for free!  Freedom!  I assume this is a case of “we can’t even give this shit away”, naturally.

I know I won’t be downloading it.  Of course, I’m not in their target demographic:  moronic sixteen-year-olds with their parent’s disposable income to spend on scene bands.

Treat others with respect.  This includes following their wishes with regards to digital imaging rights. Read the fine print.  I use copyleft, free-distribution images and I still read the fine print.  Sometimes the artist wants credit for the image.  Don’t be an asshole like the members of RJA (see?  It’s a TERRIBLE acronym!).


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