Nyoooo Myoooooosic: Sufjan Stevens


“No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross”

As quiet and contemplative as The Age of Adz wasn’t, this first offering from Carrie & Lowell points back to the folkier offerings from Seven Swans, albeit with maybe less overtly Christian themes (the title says one thing, but the lived-in gutter philosophizing says another).

Carrie & Lowell is out March 31st on Asthmatic Kitty Records.


Nyoooo Myoooooosic: Modest Mouse


The third track released from Modest Mouse’s upcoming Strangers To Ourselves LP, and one that should get a lot of old-school MM fans to sit up and take notice.  “Lampshades On Fire” is the “Dashboard” of the album, “Coyotes” redefined what “beautiful” meant in the context of Isaac Brock, and this track is a slicker callback to, at the least, the heady days of Good News For People Who Love Bad News.

Local H – “Bound For The Floor”



Once called “the greatest alternative rock song ever” by my roommate in university, “Bound For The Floor” remains the biggest and, really, only hit from the Illinois band.  Did you know that they released five albums after 1996’s As Good As Dead?  I certainly didn’t.  They also apparently play every New Years Eve in Chicago.  Honestly, though, nothing screams “I just entered high school” for me more than “Bound For The Floor”.  It’s also, as Andy Frost once opined, much better than being bound on the floor.  Unless you’re into that sort of thing.  Cough.