Foxygen – “We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace And Magic”



Foxygen is the result of a love for Sixties psychedelic troubadour rock filtered through a fine David Bowie mesh.  Their third album is at once highly derivative and yet wholly original.  Taken from the aspect of being an album solidly rooted in the 1960s, it is highly inventive, and stands alongside the bands it references as an equal, not a clone.  None of the band members were alive when this sort of music was made, nor were they living during the waves of bands that referenced those bands.  Nevertheless, they hit every mark with style and aplomb, whether it’s evoking Dylan on “No Destruction”, referencing Sgt. Peppers on their own intro, or shapeshifting Lennon with Seventies glam on the three-part “Shuggie”.  The album is perfect to play around aging hippies; they get all misty-eyed and start talking about their favourite parts of the Sixties.  Meanwhile, it’ll also get your local hipsters into a serious groove, getting the jump started in whatever espresso cafe or bookstore/bar you happen to be happening in.  If they aren’t into it by the time that thrilling run in the first part of “On Blue Mountain” comes around, they weren’t worth the plaid anyway.  Dress like a fop, smoke some pot, and guzzle cheap wine like it were going out of style:  the band doesn’t just suggest that you do so, it demands it.

Final Mark:  A