5 Albums You Should Have Listened To From February 10th, 2023



Breaking The Balls Of History

Released on Sub Pop

Twelve years ago my college roommate introduced me to the idea that there was music out there that wasn’t on terrestrial rock radio. Quasi was one of the first introductions, and it’s nice to see with Breaking The Balls Of History that time hasn’t yet rendered them obsolete. It should also be noted that Janet Weiss is the Great Unsung Drummer of rock history.

Yo La Tengo

This Stupid World

Released on Matador

Celebrating 38 years this year – 30 with the same lineup – you would think that Yo La Tengo would be mentioned more often in conversations of the all-time greats. Kidding – we all know that conversation is only for Boomers and bands whose best days happened before 1989. Still, This Stupid World cements further the idea that, if nothing else, Ira and Georgia are the all-time greatest couple in modern music history. It has the feel of a live record, live in the studio at least, and is more vital than they’ve sounded since 2006.

Caroline Polachek

Desire, I Want To Turn Into You

Released on Sony Music / Perpetual Novice

Polachek tweeted not long ago that she didn’t want to be referred to as ‘this generation’s Kate Bush’ but if she really wanted that then she would stop releasing such glorious, chaotic, off-kilter pop noise.

Power Plush

Coping Fantasies

Released on Beton Klunker Tonträger

Solid indie power-pop with a surprisingly hard core of melody and emotion.

Marlene Ribeiro

Toquei no Sol

Released on Lovers & Lollypops

An ambient contemplation of time drenched in sunlight and set out to dry in the hot Portuguese afternoon.


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