Ten Recommended Albums From January 2023


James Yorkston, Nina Persson, and the Second Hand Orchestra

The Great White Sea Eagle

Released January 13th on Domino Records

Scots folkie James Yorkston and Nina Persson from The Cardigans craft an expansive, clean indie folk record that is embarrassingly stuffed with melody and big gestures. It’s subtle, until it isn’t.

Margo Price


Released January 13th on Loma Vista Records

The alt-country songstress brings in bits of classic rock in order to come across like the second coming of Tom Petty.

Complete Mountain Almanac

Complete Mountain Almanac

Released January 27th on Bella Union Records

Did you know that the Dessner twins have a sister, Jessica? I didn’t until I listened to this album three times and finally read the liner notes. She fills in the compositions of her friend Rebekka Karjord, who has a hell of a voice and crafts an entire year’s worth of strong songs that deal with climate change and her own fears of mortality, simultaneously. Also the Dessners play guitar here and there.

Italia 90

Living Human Treasure

Released January 20th on Brace Yourself Records

The tidal wave of English post-post-punk continues unabated, with an early release from a strong new band that keeps the punk core intact while they blast off in search of attitude-shaped atmosphere.


After The Magic

Released January 27th on Topshelf Records

Heavy blasting shoegaze from South Korea with a sense of wistful nostalgia and aching loss.

Space Camp

Gold Star

Released January 13th

Queercore, but on fire. As the quote goes, “What is this, besides way too much?”

Oozing Wound

We Cater To Cowards

Released January 27th on Thrill Jockey Records

Existing in the throbbing, rotting heart of Chicago’s DIY warehouse scene, Oozing Wound exists to bring life to the concept of blunt force trauma.

Velvet Negroni


Released January 13th on 4AD Records

The restless alt R&B and the hometown of Minneapolis immediately invite Prince comparisons, but this jittery form of groove is rapidly becoming something all his own.

Billy Nomates


Released January 13th on Invada Records

Leaving aside the terrible album cover, Cacti is an album in search of new territory to conquer, blending aspects of synthy post-punk, drunken country, and irresistible pop into something brave and unique.

Jonah Yano

Portrait Of A Dog

Released January 27th on People’s Champ Records

Introspective bedroom tunes blown up into full size with the jazz stylings of BADBADNOTGOOD – when fusion ceases to be a dirty word.


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