New Music Roundup, May 27th – June 2nd, 2022


The Highlights:

Agender – No Nostalgia


Released on CLIMAX!

Synth-damaged, punk-fronting New Wave with biting political lyrics and the same kind of warped attitude pioneered by vintage Wire and PIL. The death of memory, the desire for amnesia, the end of anxiety and arousal. Pretty much all bangers, too.

Wilco – Cruel Country


Released on dBpm Records

Recorded mostly live in a loft in their Chicago hometown, Wilco’s 498th album doubles down on their maturing strengths with lonesome, bleak alt-country. However, it’s entirely too long. 21 songs? Fuck off.

Just Mustard – Heart Under


Released on Partisan Records

Irish noisegaze that comes across like Grimes doing A Place To Bury Strangers, minus the searing wall of guitars.

Liam Gallagher – C’mon You Know


Released on Warner Records

There’s nothing new here but it all comes across surprisingly well. The man knows his strengths and these songs are all calculated to maximize them, so while it probably won’t end up being anyone’s lasting impression of the year, it’s a pretty good vibe for the time being.

Ball Park Music – Weirder & Weirder


A bit of old Oasis mixed in with some 00s indie, not cutting-edge but capable of slicing at times any way you look at it.

700 Bliss – Nothing To Declare


Released on Hyperdub

DJ Haram and Moor Mother team up again to deconstruct the club and make it uncomfortable for casuals. Raw, experimental hip hop and chopped up noise.

The Rest:

Dehd – Blue Skies ★★★ (Fat Possum)

Stars – From Capelton Hill ★★★ (Last Gang)

Maria BC – Hyaline ★★★☆ (Father/Daughter)

HAAi – Baby, We’re Ascending ★★★ (Mute)

Bread Pilot – New To You ★★★ (Double Double Whammy)

WhoMadeWho – UUUU ★★★ (Embassy One)

My Baby – Sake Sake Sake ★★☆

PHF – Purest Hell ★★★ (Danger Collective)

First Hate – Cotton Candy ★★☆ (Escho)

The World Without Parking Lots – You’ll Have To Take My Word For It ★★★☆ (Dear Life)

Jelly & Pi’erre Bourne – Wolf of Peachtree 2 ★★★ (SossHouse)

Joey Purp & KAMI – You And The Money ★★☆ (YATM/OON)


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