New Music Roundup, April 1st – April 7th, 2022


The Highlights:



Released on Rise Records

The first song on PUP’s second album, 2016’s The Dream Is Over, was called “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You I Will.” The band’s new fourth album is largely this idea encapsulated into a whole album. The band have always been among the very best of Ontario’s punk scene but The Unraveling takes them to an entirely new level. The sound is a bit more pro-level – which singer/leader Stefan Babcock is clearly uncomfortable with – and features more variation beyond the usual guitar-bass-drum VCV structure. Hating your label is pretty standard for punks signing to major label record deals, but few groups have done it more relatably or as entertainingly as PUP has here. Maturity is sort of a death-word when it comes to a lot of punk groups, so don’t use that term here. Rather, let’s say that their ideas have expanded beyond what they might have conceived of doing six years ago. Like, say, they kept listening to new bands after college.

Alabaster DePlume – GOLD: Go Forward In The Courage Of Your Love


Released on International Anthem

Impressionistic sax lines, dream-logic atmospheres, and actual success with weaving in spoken word among the rest. The English are good at two things, neither of which are cooking.



Released on Audio Cave Records

A prog/psych jazz freakout well worth taking down the road and scaring your friends with.

The Rest:

Duster – Together ★★★ (Numero)

Christian Lee Hutson – Quitters ★★★ (ANTI-)

Confidence Man – TILT ★★★ (Heavenly)

Pillow Queens – Leave The Light On ★★★ (Royal Mountain)

Tempers – New Meaning ★★★ (DAIS)

GGGOLDDD – This Shame Should Not Be Mine ★★★☆ (Artoffact)

Lobsterfight – Sun Soaking ★★☆

Crows – Beware Believers ★★☆ (Bad Vibrations)

Warmduscher – At The Hotspot ★★★ (Bella Union)

Papercuts – Past Life Regression ★★★☆ (Slumberland)

GNOD – Hexen Valley ★★★☆ (Rocket)

The Dead Tongues – Dust ★★★☆ (Psychic Hotline)

Scrunchies – Feral Coast ★★★ (Dirtnap)

Noon Garden – Beulah Spa ★★★ (The Liquid Label)

Night Palace – Diving Rings ★★★ (Park the Van)

Zola Blood – Black Blossom ★★★ (225)

ABI LEAN – Cvmposvnto ★★★ (Rosailla)

Astragal – Pure Cashmere ★★

Pongo – Sakidila ★★★☆ (Virgin)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Unlimited Love ★★★ (Warner)


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