One of my Trademark Changes of Heart


I’m going to rework how I approach the new music roundups, just because they’re getting unwieldy and slightly difficult to accomplish on a weekly basis given other concerns (work, writing, family, etc.) Everything will still be there, I’m just not going to try to wrack my brain to be pithy about a bunch of albums that ultimately don’t really warrant it. So going forward I’m only going to annotate records with over four stars and group them as highlights of the week. Anything with 1.5 or less I’ll write some snark on and group as lowlights. The broad middle will just get listed, Christgau style, with a rating and, very rarely, a few words if I have something funny to say. I’ll probably move the metal albums to their own section – they get so lonely at the bottom and I know I have a few people in my life who would be more likely to read them if they were out on their own. This year has been a good course in getting back into the swing of listening to everything again, but there are more efficient ways to communicate it. Anyway, if there’s less actual writing going on in upcoming NMR posts that’s why. Hell, maybe I’ll be able to get them out by Friday again if I do this. Maybe.


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