#ELXN43 on #CdnPoli, Day 4


Another day, another set of data points to add to the list.


Bad day for the CPC, their opposers managed to overwhelm attempts at boosters to get some positive messaging flowing on Twitter. Greens and NDP had good days, although it really does seem like the story of the NDP on Twitter is one of relentless optimism, unlike the numbers coming out of polling organizations where at best they will bleed out seats and at worst they may lose Official Party status. Trudeau and Scheer both get negative sentiment for the day which is probably pretty normal considering they’re the top two candidates in the election and are thus targets for each others partisan keyboard warriors. The May negative turn is interesting and probably has a lot to do with ongoing scandals involving Green candidates proposing to potentially re-open the abortion debate and supporting Quebec separatism. Sentiment for the Green Party as a whole is up though, so it may be that she is taking the brunt of the controversy on herself (not that she doesn’t have her own problems *cough* wifi *cough*). Overall sentiment on #CdnPoli was down; I’m expecting that measure to bounce up and down over the 0-mark for the entire election, based on previous experience with sentiment analysis both on Twitter and through previous work on sentiment in fiction.

Campaign to date for parties:


And campaign to date for leaders:



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