50 Days of Soundcloud #8


“Icy New Twilight”

The result of a remix contest on Indaba that used Mt. Kimbie sounds; I thought the results were pretty decent but you know how those contests go.

Re-listening to it, I noticed the vocal line at the end: “dance and walk the streets”.  It’s from a creepy street interview with a street prostitute in some godawful Midwestern city or another.  It features heavily in another track which will probably make it into this 50-day celebration of the life and death of a Great Website that is on it’s way to join MySpace in the dustbin of history.  Hopefully a similar site pops up; Soundcloud has been a very useful device for bringing to light artists that would in the past be terribly obscure.

Also, it makes me want to cut up YouTube documentaries on the Rust Belt’s crippling heroin addiction and string them into icy synthwave/glitch hybrids.

While you’re waiting on me to do that, feel free to check out some books:  today’s featured titles include Disappearance, only 99 cents, which if you enjoy the action bits in books and you like apocalypse fiction you’ll enjoy; What You See Is What You Get, which manages to combine the specter of ag-gag laws with criminal trials that look more like reality TV than anything else; and 9th Street Blues, about a kid delivering cobbled-together drugs in the near future ruins of Woodward, OK (and is also the jumping-off point for my new serial novel, coming soon from ATM Publishing).

Seriously, though, buy a book or two.


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