Hinds – Leave Me Alone


Leave Me Alone

Released January 8th, 2016 on Lucky Number Records




Hinds are a band from Madrid that used to be called Deers.  As Deers, they released a couple of interesting 2015 singles, “Garden” and “Bamboo”, that were a bit different from the glut of sugar-rush indie rock that’s been clogging up the arteries of satellite radio lately.  They were songs that seemed artfully sloppy, like a bunch of drunk 20-something girls grabbed some guitars and busted out some great sing-along indie rock songs, complete with easy-to-slur gang vocals.

A lawsuit-enforced name change and a full album later, Leave Me Alone is a lot like waking up the morning after that epic fun night out with a crushing hangover.  One or two of those drinks would have been sufficient to have a great time, you realize, but twelve of them?  They lose flavour after four or five and you’re left with a headache and a bad taste in your mouth.  There is definitely too much of a good thing, and when you hit that point you realize that it’s ruined the memory of those first couple of epic drinks anyway.

I guess what I’m saying is:  leave Leave Me Alone alone and go grab some pints and a gang of karaoke fans instead.


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