Meek Mill – Dreams Worth More Than Money


Meek Mill – Dreams Worth More Than Money

Nah, nah, it’s okay.  It’s pretty basic hip hop for 2015, the big problem is that Meek has one setting, and that’s YELL INTO THE MIC LIKE IT JUST KILLED HIS FAMILY.  “Lord Knows” is a great opener, the rest of the album is just okay, nothing special.  Drake’s verse on “R.I.C.O.” is decent, but not worth nearly killing your career over.when he doesn’t tweet about the album.

Let’s all take a moment to reflect on that, actually.  Meek shot himself in the foot and lost a (admittedly pretty small-time) rap beef to Aubrey “Jimmy The Wheelchair Kid” Graham over the fact that Drake didn’t tweet about Meek’s album coming out.

Like, holy shit.  It really is 2015, isn’t it?

Actually, one other thing.  Swizz Beatz’s chopped-up break on “Classic” is about as good as it gets.  That’s a good image for the album, come to think of it:  shiny production from some great producers that’s brought down as soon as Meek starts yelling about whatever.


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