Fuck This Guy In Particular


Meet Andrew Bankovitch

Some background:  Single Mothers is one of my favourite bands.   Hailing from my birth town of London, ON, they kick ass in a serious way.  They’re like a hardcore version of the Hold Steady – imagine that band if they ditched the classic rock and played the stuff they grew up getting fucked up to.  That’s Single Mothers.  They’re a small band, up-and-coming: broke up in 2009 and have been touring ever since.  Their debut, Negative Qualities, was well-regarded, but they’re still a small band touring their asses off to support themselves.  Like all small bands in their situation, they survive partially off of gig money but mainly off of merch sales.

Enter Andrew Fucking Bankovitch.

Andrew Bankovitch likes to steal band logos, slap them with the sloppy style of a rank amateur onto a t-shirt, and sell them for his own profit.


Bands need that merch money to survive.  They can’t survive and continue to kick ass if the likes of Andy Bankovitch steal their logos and sell them as their very own.  Andy Bankovitch is literally killing rock ‘n’ roll.


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