Twerps – Range Anxiety


Twerps – Range Anxiety 

Just the other day I was saying, “you know what there isn’t enough of in modern music?  Inoffensive, vaguely charming indie rock bands who play electric guitars like they’re folk rockers and play with twee boy-girl harmonies in a laid-back, cabin-in-the-woods sort of way”.  Then I came down.

It’s not like Twerps are actively offensive; if they tried a little more, they might be, but the biggest problem is that they just don’t try hard enough to be anything.  Three chords, some harmonies, and the blandest lyrics this side of Mumford and Sons.  This is just the Feelies, watered down through the ages and rendered toothless, sort of like how Melvins got diluted into Theory of a Deadman at one point.  It’s all very fresh-faced and earnest, like they had a residency in Stars Hollow and were playing the bandshell every night.  Look for them to pick up banjos and make the transition to modern rock format FM radio soon.


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