Consumer Guide: The War On Drugs, et al.


The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream   

Lost In The Dream sounds like Red Rider, if Red Rider was cool.  NB In certain parts of the world, substitute “Golden Earring” for “Red Rider”.



Ava Luna – Electric Balloon   

Hip modern funk that would probably be great live, but on record comes across as a steaming, jagged mess of ideas that jar rather gratingly.



Marissa Nadler – July  

Breaking up is hard to do – but rarely does it comes across with such electrifying grace.



Schoolboy QOxymoron   

A major label debut that falls flat – boring beats, little creativity, awkward pacing.  Complete disappointment after the electric Habits and Contradictions.


Future Islands – Singles   

Slick New Wave with pro-level hooks and a glossy modern sheen.  Pop music done correctly, if not imaginatively.





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