Crack and Robbery Now Just Water Under the Bridge


Some people – most people – imagined it would never happen.  After suffering through crippling crack and heroin addictions, drug-fuelled home invasions, and Babyshambles, the Libertines have apparently made up and are going to be getting back together, at least on a temporary basis.  On April 25th it was confirmed that yes, despite all indications to the contrary, it was happening.  Now their Hyde Park show – slated for July 5th – is sold out and they will be playing their First Show Back to 65,000 people.

What’s the outcome here?  Will they be as good as ever?  Will Pete and Carl keep away from each other’s throats?  Will Kate Moss come out on stage?  Time will tell, I suppose.  There is no indication that studio time has been booked for the band.  Considering the sonic abortion that was eventually collected as Indie Cindy, perhaps its best if great bands of the past don’t go into the studio.  Even Black Sabbath waited a million or so years to record 13, and even that effort was largely piss-poor.  So, I’m going to continue crossing my fingers and hoping that they don’t leap into the studio right away, or at all.

Actually, considering the track record, Pete should run for Toronto mayor.  I mean, if we’re going to be saddled with a crackhead, it should at least be the guy that wrote “What A Waster”.

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