Thee Oh Sees – “Floating Coffin”




Floating Coffin continues on in the band’s new tradition of becoming tighter and heavier as their albums roll on.  It’s still wild Sixties-esque garage rock, but with a greater emphasis on being bigger, larger than life.  They’ve managed to cut out a lot of the weirder, screechier moments that marred otherwise great albums like Castlemania; instead, they’ve been replaced with slower, more melodic moments that add much needed contrast to the sort of beehive riffs that tracks like “Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster” are made out of.  It still flags somewhere around the middle (“Strawberries 1 + 2”, to be exact) but the strength of the rest of the album makes up for it.  It’s perhaps the first time that Thee Oh Sees can place an album next to their contemporaries and not feel weirdly out of place – hell, they even made a video this time around.  Maybe they’re growing up?

Final Mark:  A-




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